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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do I have to subscribe for purchasing documents?
No. You do not have to subscribe for purchasing documents.
Q. My purchased documents are in PDF format. Can I get the Editable version?
If you are ugently needed the editable version of the purchaed document please email us with your Paypal transaction ID. We will try to send those to your email. Online content security is a threat and steal our motivation to write. In order to prevent our content from being republish we may like to know about your business before sending the editable copies.
Q. What do I get from subscription?
You will have view access to full version of all documents viewable online.
Q. What do I get from purchase?
You will get the purchased documents which are instantly downloadable to your PC. Downloadable documents are in pdf format, can be printed and saved as many times you like. Copying contents may not be possible due to document security.
Q. How can I subscribe?
You can start subscription by clicking the Subscribe navigation button of the site. Subscribe button will direct you to Paypal site where you will have to create an account with Paypal. Your subscription is not a contract. You can cancel at any time by going to your Paypal account. As soon as the subscription will be created you will receive the access credentials instantly to log in.
Q. How does subscription fee works?
All Subscriptions start with a trial of 7 days. After the trial period a fee of $7 will be charged each month as long as the subscription will be kept.
Q. How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription by directly accessing to your Paypal account and choose to cancel. Alternatively, you can notify us of your intention. We will cancel it for you with no question asked.
Q. Where can I open the documents?
Documents can be opened either in a Web Browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) or in a PDF reader from your PC. Using the web browsers (Web View Option) the documents can be accessed through a PC, Mac, Apple or Android tablets and mobile devices. Currently the PDFs can only be opened into a PC (PDF View Option).
Q. How can I create a new account and access documents?
As soon as you will subscribe with Paypal you will be navigated back to our site to create your account. Enter your email, user ID and password. Your account will be created instantly. Use your credentials to access the documents from member area.
Q. How can I purchase documents?
You can start purchasing by clicking the Buy Now navigation button. You will be taken directly to GMP SOP Storefront. From the categories you can choose the procedure you want to buy and click “add to cart”. You can add or remove procedures from the "View Cart" button. When you are done click on the “checkout” button. You will be taken to Paypal site where you will complete the purchase.
As soon as the transaction will complete you will be redirected to a download page. You can instantly download the documents from the blue downloadable links.
Q. What do I do if I don’t get my purchased documents?
This can only happen due to technical fault. For any type of ordering, downloading or account creation issue please contact us. We will respond within the next 24 hours with possible solution.
Q. I have subscribed but did not have access to your documents?
As soon as you subscribe we will get notification from Paypal and create your account ID and password. We will send your credentials along with a link where all the documents are listed over the email which you have provided to Paypal. This may take up to a few hours to send your details.
Q. I get blank page instead of login page. What do I do?
This is probably a browser settings and cookie related issue. We recommend you use Microsoft Internet Explorer to browse.
Please do one or more of the followings until the issue is resolved
- Open the member area page in Compatibility View of Internet Explorer. Here is how to do it:
From your browser Go to Tools > Compatibility View Settings, In the 'Add This Website' field type in
Now press Add. Tick on the Check boxes "Display Internet Sites in Compatibility View" and "Use Microsoft Compatibility Lists".
Refresh the page on the address bar. Then try to access the member area using your credentials.
- Choose “Allow Access” when prompted while accessing the documents. Deleting your browser history pages, cookies and temporary files will help.
- Customize your Internet security level (For Internet Explorer 6 and above).
- Tools > Internet Options > Security > Internet > Custom Level > Scripting > Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows > Enable.
- Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Security > Allow active content to run in files on My Computer.
- Set as your trusted site.
- Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites. Add the website URL as your trusted site.
- Set your privacy.
-Tools > Internet Options > Privacy. Move the sliding bar up or down to set how medium or low you
want your privacy preferences in relation to the use of first and third party cookies. We suggest you
set this to medium. To end click OK.
-Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Sites. Add the website URL to
always allow cookies.
- Test your privacy preference is allowing our cookies.
-Open the website From the same webpage menu bar click View > Web
page privacy policy (Privacy Report). See if the cookies from the site are accepted or blocked.
-Select our site from the list > Summery > Always allow this site to use cookies.
If the problem persists please contact us immediately. We will try to resolve the issue.
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